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My nice life

I am cooking dijon pork chops, asparagus and rice for my family's dinner tonight. My son is practicing his trombone in the living room; my daughter is doing her reading assignment on the couch in the den so she won't have to worry about doing it after gymnastics. My wife is still at work at the job she loves. Tonight, I have a rehearsal with the Well Respected Men. I love my nice life, and I just wanted to share that with you.

Dennis Linde - Under the Eye

So you know how sometimes you get the feeling you're finally going to find the one thing you've been looking for forever on this very day ? You've looked high and low, bypassing the obvious eBay route where it lies, overpriced and miles away. You've gone to every store at least twice, asking the snotty clerks who neither know who you're talking about nor care a fig. Months of this behavior can make one feel desperate or even a little crazy--does it still exist? Is it as good as I remember it being, or am I delusional?  When you finally do run across that copy of Under the Eye , Dennis Linde's 1977 release on Monument Records, you stifle a little yip for fear that the hippie guy at the counter might hear you in time to add another number to the left of the price. Because the price is SO right, especially considering what the record goes for on eBay.  Today was that day. Dennis Linde, as you likely know, wrote "Burning Love," recorded b

Labor Day

My family is spending the Labor Day weekend at Pine Knoll Shores, NC, an island community between Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle, that boasts a big old oceanside hotel called the Clam Digger Inn .  I think it's safe to say that it's been many years since any renovations have been made here, despite coming under new management at the start of the summer; that's a mixed blessing, I guess.  The bathrooms are starting to pull apart at the seams, the acoustical tiles are sagging with 'atmosphere' and other guests seem to be dining mainly on Miller Lite, judging from what they were hauling up the elevators last night. It looks like the hot tub is where most of the action is going to be, judging from the clientele and various Yelp reviews of the place. But at the same time, the lobby and restaurant are sort of charming, with a 60s suburban den sort of decor, which is to say 'dark wood-panelled to the nth degree.' Seafood is served Calabash-style (mean

Stand Against HB2 Finale - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro NC - November 6

In the words of George Sanford, "it's the big one."  Make plans to attend now. We  need you. The final concert of the  Stand Against HB2 series will be held November 6 at  Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC. General admission is $15 in advance, $20 at the door, with all proceeds going to help EqualityNC. Here's who's playing: The dB's. The Fabulous Knobs. The Love Language. The Veldt. Foxture. Henbrain. Pre-Raphaelites. Olsen Twins. My 3 Sons. Happy Abandon. Onward Soldiers. Blue Cactus. the grand shell game. Matt Phillips & the Back Pocket. Pinto. Brett Harris. 6 String Drag. Tres Chicas. Robert Kirkland. Rod Abernethy. Ur Mom. Orlando Parker, Jr. Follow this link for the Cat's Cradle event page with individual band links. Follow this link for the Facebook event invitation--because I'm not on there anymore, please feel free to share it in my absence. Follow this link