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W. Paroo, Pt. 2

"Yay! Any day now!" So, months later, here I am by the window again, looking longingly at my empty street for any sign of the UPS driver who has on the truck my re-done test pressings for the new single. Winthrop Paroo resurfaces as a Beckett character, with additional (and I do mean additional) dialogue by Marcel Proust. These are the new test pressings that have been made since the first set were corrupted by foreign matter that got into the stamper which rendered the vinyl unlistenable; my first thought was that it might sound as good if it had been sitting  in a gravel driveway for two weeks before I played it. "Yep, any day now." Confidence is high that this will fix the issue and we can move along to getting the record manufactured.  I think we can safely rule out having it in hand in time to sell for Christmas, as the turnaround time is about two months. But I don't think it'd be a particularly cheery gift to present to anyone anyw