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House proud

I did a search on "holsapple" on Google blogs today, and look what I found! That's my house, courtesy of Virtual Globetrotting . In our never-ending quest to know every jot and tittle about everybody else on Earth, this site was a no-brainer. My house is toward the end of sixty-seven pages of Homes - Celebrity - Entertainment - Musicians. That's over 1600 houses, all over the globe. Many are former residences (divorces, deaths and changing fortunes) and many are palatial, especially on the first few pages. And many belong to people you really didn't ever think much about in terms of their domiciles, in the world of 'cribs'. My house is not a crib. It's just a house. I love my house, and I don't care who sees my back porch, honestly, especially in this high-flying bird's eye view. You can't see the tomatoes growing or the pyramid of clay pots. Some virtual map images have our old cars, long since sold or towed away. You also can

The Voxmobile

Today, on Craigslist (a place I spend entirely too much time visiting), I was alerted to the continued existence of one of the coolest showcars ever, the Voxmobile . Built in 1967 by George Barris , who also came up with the Munster Coach and the Batmobile among other legendary vehicles, the Voxmobile was featured in "Where the Action Is" , the Sixties rock music tv show hosted by Paul Revere and the Raiders (another Vox -endorsed band) who rode around on it, Uncle Paul at the Vox Super Continental organ mounted in the rear; I used to watch the show after school. There are enough inputs in the variously-mounted Vox Super Beatle amps throughout the car to support 32 inputs, and there are a dozen speakers, not to mention the rear-fender mounted Phantom IV Bass and Phantom VI Guitar . I guess I'd consigned the Voxmobile to the scrapheap, or stuck in some musty garage in Omaha, rusting and decomposing from neglect. But I was wrong! The new owners are in the process of

May 1, 2009

Mark your calendars for this day. Something very nice is going to happen at Carrollton Station in New Orleans that night. Care to guess what that might be? PS (11.7.08) sorry Jeff, no H-Bombs/Cigz, but the other guesses are correct.

Early Voting Day

Wow, what an amazing day! Mac McCaughan of Merge Records and Superchunk put on a massive show at Graham Terrace today in Chapel Hill to draw people in for the last Early Voting Day. Orange County, unlike much of NC, decided not to extend the voting hours 'til 5pm. So there was a lot of activity from 9am until 1pm at Morehead Planetarium where the actual early voting was taking place. At 9am, Portastatic started the day's festivities. Mac told me later on that at that hour "my hands were freezing." The starting lineup of artists included Regina Hexaphone featuring the lovely and talented Sara Bell , and one of my favorite soulful singers, Greg Humphreys of Dillon Fence and Hobex who has a new solo album out called Trunk Songs . I didn't make it to the gig in time to hear anything from these fine artists, unfortunately, but the family deserved a pancake breakfast and I finally felt well enough after three weeks of walking pneumonia to oblige them. As I g