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New Times blog post is up

Measure for Measure entry #5 is posted.

The true story of "Love is for Lovers", and I hope you enjoy it.



Gil said…
Fabulous post! I love the inside the studio stuff, and hope to read more from you about your studio experiences. I've always wondered what it would be like to have an active producer, helping you to shape the songs. And while Love Is For Lovers is indeed's pretty easy for me to come up with about 5 more that shoulda been.
R L Ross said…
Hi Peter,

"Love Is For Lovers" is still one of the finest, most perfectly written/executed/produced and unforgettable songs to ever get into and stay in my head after 24 years.

Just last night I had my acoustic guitar out in an attempt to re-figure out this gem; I failed miserably (had to settle for plucking away at "Lonely Is...").

Even though it wasn't a chart hit (and I'm sure that would have been nice), songwriters (such as myself) would give their left nut to write a song even a quarter as good.

Thanks for the unforgettable songs and the stories that go with them. Continued success and happiness...

Rob Ross
(ex-The Punch Line, a very poor dB's wanna-be type band)
Doug Baker said…
Great post, Peter. LIFL has always been one of my favorite songs of yours (Big Brown Eyes and Judy are up there too). Your performance of it at the Reynolds reunion show in 85(?) ranks as one of the best I've ever seen.

Doug Baker
Those comments on the post are a great read too. Nice to see Anthony DeCurtis giving a plug. Five stars in the next Rolling Stone Record Guide?? And, is my CD of Like This worth more than I realized??

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