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Pressurific - Cat's Cradle Back Room 8/4/18

Photo by Ed Speas Well, Saturday night was just a phenomenal event for me. It was a celebration of my new album's release ( Game Day on Omnivore Recordings). And it was the debut of my new trio, the Peter Holsapple Combo.  Pressure? Nah, well maybe just a little. It's always good to hedge your bet and get a crew to film and record the first ever show so you can have your major mistakes documented, right? Also, it's an audience largely made up of people I know in some capacity (cue the Kinks ). So no big deal. We, the PHC, actually sounded great. The extra rehearsaling we did last week paid off in spades. The mix, courtesy of Andy Young, was sublime; vocals were balanced, in tune and were largely comprised of the correct words to each song. The rhythm section was locked, and I was able to make my guitar solos sound competent and, dare I say, emotionally valid. We started with four songs from Game Day , ended with four more, and stuffed the rest with a represent

Some nice new press for Game Day

some nice old press I am always stunned and grateful when reviewers like the music I release, and the response to Game Day has been particularly heartening. Here are a few reviews and articles that have come down the pike this week. The INDY (Durham NC) Coachella Valley Weekly (Coachella Valley, CA) Ink 19 (online) Penn Live (PA online) The PH Combo has been rehearsing for our upcoming shows on Saturday and Tuesday, and the band is sounding tight and ready. I think you all will be most pleased with what you hear--my 10-year-old attended today's rehearsal and felt we were playing well and singing harmoniously. She was not paid for that opinion. More to come--we're hanging in there in the Amazon charts. Hopefully, you've told at least one friend about the record today! And also hopefully, they'll pick up a copy of their very own.