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I Been There -- From Out Of My Way (1997)

Since it's on sale for five bucks, and since many of y'all have never heard note one of it, here's the lead-off track for Out Of My Way, my 1997 solo debut. Buy it here:


Hi everyone With 2020 having thrown the proverbial spanner into the works,  I’m here to do what amounts to a fire sale to gain independence from the first half of the year.    Starting Independence Day SATURDAY JULY 4:   1. Black vinyl copies of 2019’s  Amplifier-Live at Q Division  12” EP  available through  Big Cartel  at $25 each.   2. Red vinyl copies of  Amplifier  are sold out!   3.  Out of My Way , my 1993 debut solo CD now priced at $5!  Go to  Big Cartel  to order.   4. Also, in case you don’t have them already,  both The dB’s  Falling Off the Sky  (2012)  and Holsapple & Stamey’s  hERE aND nOW  (2009)  are available for download at  Bandcamp . Working hard on new songs, hopefully to be released in some form later this year  (unless I can get into a studio and make a real record). In the meantime, I am offering my services for your digital recording pleasure.  As you know, I can make my way around a plethora of instruments,  and I wou