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Love Is For Lovers

Don't know if it's because I'm too 'inside' "Love Is For Lovers," but I never really pegged it as a love song, per se ; it always seemed sort of standoffish and judgmental, my usual M.O. Today on Facebook, however, a couple of friends took the ball and ran with it*, and they posted The dB's' tune, dedicating it to love on a day dedicated to love. It's one of my favorite songs, and it's always big fun to play. Happy Valentine's Day, friends and lovers. *Note--I am not licensed to use sports metaphors.

First week of release reviewed

A good week, indeed. Over 50 copies of the record sold through Big Cartel , a few more sold independently. Over 1800 views of the video. Gigs booked in NY, TN and all around NC. Ranked #2 in Rock/Durham with ReverbNation . Lots of love for the songs, and I'm feeling the love. I had not expected to enjoy the one-man operation as much as I have. Maybe I'm doing it right... Thank you all for your support! Onward!

Day Two, New Week, Another Dimension

The weekend in Atlanta was incomparable. Two nights at 529 with Magnapop and Elf Power . Those are two remarkable bands; their longevity and their unfailingly high musical quality are enviable. Friends, fine food, some commerce, but mostly music and more music. Thank you to my hosts, the Owings family, who graciously opened their home and lives to me for a couple of nights. The single's out now; I got back from Old Durham Station where I put many of y'all's singles into the US Postal Service's hands around noon yesterday. More new ones are coming in, and I'll do my level best to get orders turned around and out in a timely fashion.  Let's's my updated list o' gigs, solo unless otherwise noted: Wed 2/15 Neptune’s Parlour - Songs From Downstairs  w/ Rod Abernethy - Raleigh NC Thu 3/2 Cameo Art House Theater - Fayetteville NC Fri 3/24 Bull’s Bay - Charleston SC - HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH Sat 3/25 Music from the Wild Honey

I don't think so.


The single goes on sale at midnight. And it's on sale until I sell out or order more, whichever comes first. It's on sale here . If you need to hear/see it one more time before you commit to buying it, I can dig it. Here's the video link again. Thank you for considering a purchase.