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Thanksgiving Day

It's really coming down outside, at the end of Thanksgiving Day 2009, Durham, NC. The day was lovely, although the two-year-old and I got only as far as the porch briefly. Her brother and mother went for a bike ride while we napped. My days off from my job are very precious to me, so having a down day with the family was completely in order. The day started with scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes, and then the Macy's parade. We started with a parade in Philadelphia but settled for the usual fare which felt very forced and grossly commercial. I was pleased they had a heritage balloon, a replica of Artie the Pirate from 1947--I found this fun story of Artie's handlers, the Crane family. We did not prepare a Thanksgiving feast this year. Our replacement stove, from the Durham Appliance Thrift store, came yesterday; it's great but we decided when the old one went on the fritz, we'd just have Middle Eastern or Chinese food instead. We drove to a Chinese restaura

My new life

Again, apologies for the length of time between entries. I am now employed again, after a year of sitting on my duff, unable to find suitable work in the music business post-Hootie. It's true, I have been playing with Luego , and Chris and I released that album . But as far as income, it hasn't been anything that the family can depend on. So I now work at *a book store* at the airport. Those of you who know me, know that I used to work at *another book store* in New Orleans, at one of the large stores. It was a wonderful experience, as jobs go: I met Smart Wife there, made a lot of friends, had two of the best bosses imaginable, got to sledgehammer fixtures to pieces, learned a lot about books, people, shopping habits and what a steady diet of Burger King can do to a person. This new *book store* experience several years down the line is proving slightly different. It took me a few weeks to get my airport security clearance due to some dodgy paperwork issues from the New O