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It's My Time - The Face of 68

The Face of 68 In January, I went into Overdub Lane studio in Durham, about six minutes from my house. Overdub is owned and operated by my friends Lisa and Wes Lachot, Wes being a studio designer of great repute.  And I have recorded there with The dB's in the past, but most recently with The Paranoid Style , the brilliant brainchild of writer Elizabeth Nelson and her husband Timothy Bracy, recording The Interrogator last year.  Our engineer was the extraordinarily talented sonic architect  Jason Richmond , who took the directive to 'make the guitars sound like Eliminator ' and ran with it.  It was, to say the least, a transformative experience for me, as I jumped willingly out of my comfort zone and became lead guitar player for one of the coolest bands I've heard in decades. The proof is in the pudding , which was baked the next month at the 40 Watt  in Athens when Paranoid Style opened for Drive-By Truckers at the latter's annual HeAthens Homecoming . I thin