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Gerry Goffin R.I.P.

Sad to hear of Gerry Goffin's death this week at 75. He and Carole King wrote such great goodness. Continental Drifters recorded "I Can't Make It Alone" on the debut album, featuring a career-high vocal performance from Susan Cowsill. At the end of my one live 'appearance' at Radio Free Song Club back in Ought-Eleven, we had a lot of fun with "Wasn't Born to Follow," my most favorite in their canon. I'm especially excited at the attention that the Carole King musical Beautiful is focusing on their work. Sadder still am I to read the Rolling Stone obituary on Goffin online.  Days have gone by, and no effort has been made by the author or the magazine to correct several errors that have been brought up in comments on the piece. It's disrespectful and lazy, and to my mind, makes Rolling Stone finally seem irrelevant. What was once a leading light has become a waning glow stick.