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California shows and a lovely note from Fred at Blurt Magazine

Two gigs in the Los Angeles area to announce: Saturday, August 25, 4:00 PM -- Wild Honey Backyard Show - with Rob Laufer  Here's the link to the show, and here's the link to tickets. Sunday, August 26, 8:00 PM -- McCabe's Guitar Store And here's the link to that show. It was sweet to discover that my old friend Fred Mills wrote this preview for my album at the Blurt Magazine website.  Very exciting to watch the momentum build for July 27's release of Game Day !

The Return of Peter Holsapple, Forgetful Blogger

"I can see my house from here." Hi everyone, your wayward correspondent here, begging for forgiveness and mercy again.  So the single did what it was going to do, and the video Dan Andrews and Mike Allen did for it has gotten over 4000 views. Pretty good for no advertising, a little bit of radio (thanks Mike Marrone at The Loft) and scattershot shows. Basically, I'm really pleased with the calling-card nature of the thing, and I believe I reintroduced myself to the public in a positive light, even though "Don't Mention the War" is light as a battleship's anchor and as danceable as a funeral march. (And those are good things!) That said, here we are in May 2018, and I'm getting ready to release a new album on July 25. I'm not at liberty to say who's releasing it presently, but I think you'll be very pleased when you find out. It's called Game Day , after the lead-off track. Here's the trailer for the record.  I playe

New blog post coming soon! Get ready! Get ready!

I've been gone, but I'm back again next week. Stay tuned, lots to tell you!!!