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Luego at Broad Street Cafe, Saturday Jan. 24

I'm such a slack m_____f_____ about letting people know upcoming gigs, so let me try to prevent that from happening. Luego , the fine band with whom I play these days, is playing a gig in anticipation of its album release. The show is at 10pm Saturday night at the Broad Street Cafe in Durham NC. That doesn't help you folks who live in far-flung places throughout the world, I realize, but there HAVE to be some of my readers who are in driving distance. I'm truly enjoying playing with this young and talented batch of fellows. The leader, Patrick Phelan, is a swaggering Texan transplant who is a fantastic frontman and bandleader. His songs are a varied bunch, and they're all powerful and intriguing. The rhythm section of Rob DiMauro and Jeff Crawford, and the lead guitar stylings of Nick Jaeger complement Patrick's songwriting. Jeff's been producing the album with Patrick, and I think it's turning out really nicely. Here's what the folks at the Inde

Rosanne Cash's Measure for Measure entry

I hope many of you have taken the time to go back through the archives of Measure for Measure, the NY Times Online blog to which I contribute, and read the entries by Rosanne Cash . If you haven't, or if you're just feeling kind of heady from Inauguration Day, as so many of us are, or if you'd just like something wonderful to read, I would like to recommend her latest. It's very moving and sweet and funny and significant, much like the recorded output of its author. Rosanne Cash - My Inauguration Story (Measure for Measure, NY Times Online 1/18/09) It is with great pride and amazement that I get to share this cyber-dais with Ms. Cash, whose music I've enjoyed forever.