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It's My Time - The Face of 68

The Face of 68 In January, I went into Overdub Lane studio in Durham, about six minutes from my house. Overdub is owned and operated by my friends Lisa and Wes Lachot, Wes being a studio designer of great repute.  And I have recorded there with The dB's in the past, but most recently with The Paranoid Style , the brilliant brainchild of writer Elizabeth Nelson and her husband Timothy Bracy, recording The Interrogator last year.  Our engineer was the extraordinarily talented sonic architect  Jason Richmond , who took the directive to 'make the guitars sound like Eliminator ' and ran with it.  It was, to say the least, a transformative experience for me, as I jumped willingly out of my comfort zone and became lead guitar player for one of the coolest bands I've heard in decades. The proof is in the pudding , which was baked the next month at the 40 Watt  in Athens when Paranoid Style opened for Drive-By Truckers at the latter's annual HeAthens Homecoming . I thin

Merry Christmas
and/or Happy Holidays,
whichever you prefer!

On Christmas Day 2023, my family found itself chilling in our hotel room in Chicago, feeling exceptionally fortunate to have each other and our health and love. We decided to forgo the major present giving, with all that accompanies choosing gifts people will like, and just have ourselves an experience for Christmas. And I think we'd all agree that it was a fantastic choice. We saw the Art Institute of Chicago (5 hours there), the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio, the University of Chicago campus, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Chicago Architecture Center. We ate Chicago hot dogs at the Billy Goat Tavern, shared a burger at Gordon Ramsay Burger, drunk coffee at the enormous Starbuck's Reserve, and been entertained/abused by the dancing waitstaff at Ed Debevic's. We walked around Millennium Park twice (the Bean is closed, unfortunately) and the Magnificent Mile and the Riverwalk. The weather was chilly, which Chicago thinks of as 'balmy',

Continental Drifters - Live at the 2023 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - available NOW!!

Hi folks, The fantastic set we played at Jazzfest is up at Munck Music for your enjoyment. It's available on CD or download here . We brought our best to the Fest, so we hope you enjoy this. And more big news to come in 2024!

Inhabiting the Song

I just sang at an old friend’s funeral service. He was part of a circle of hometown kids growing up in the 1970s; our group was not like what you see on television as representative of the time. We were bound together through the music we savored and the garage band in our midst, whose repertoire mostly ran against the grain of southern rock and that genre’s fans, which was half the fun. Most of that band was in attendance today, and I sang with two of them. The family asked me to sing “In My Life” by The Beatles, so I thought singing with my bandmates would be a fitting tribute to our friend. With a little cajoling, they agreed. We rehearsed for a couple hours this week, then sang the song a bunch in the car on the way up. The most doubtful among us had practiced well and sounded like he belonged in the blend. This group of friends was of the age where The Beatles were on The Ed Sullivan Show that fateful Sunday night in 1964, then were all jabbering about it in elementary school the

"Back yet again!" says the Infrequent Blogger

(photo by Bill Reaves) I am inevitably confounded by the amount of time I let go by between posts here. My last post was February of last year (2022). You may ask yourself "what was he doing that prevented him from posting again?" and the answer is, of course, "nothing really." I forget I have this place to write my thoughts down for a waiting world to read, which would be helpful for me as well to empty my chaotic mind and make a little space. But since you're here and may be wondering what I'm up to, I'll try to fill you in. Mostly, I'm tending to home stuff. I do laundry and pick up groceries and a lot of domestic engineering that involves a broom, dustpan and mop. And sometimes that sweet shower glass cleaner recipe I found a while ago that makes it so you can see out again. We have a new junior at UNC-W and a new junior at Riverside High School, and they've been navigating their lives outside the nest. The high schooler just got her drivers&

Hi all - Feb 22 update

Just a note to let you know that I have decided to close my Facebook personal page permanently. If you need me, you can find me here, or: Twitter: Instagram: Blog: FB Music Page: