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Our Back Pages!

Our Back Pages - Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey In the great new reorganization of life as we knew it, I'm working toward ultimate pro-activity and transparency, facing up to the fact that self-promotion is a game I have avoided participating in; it's put me behind the eight ball in that respect. So here we are, April 2020, mid-social-distancing, and I am going to reaffirm my commitment to getting more music out and getting it (and me) to The People Who Are Interested. We had a good run with the PH Combo over the past couple of years, but the time had come for me to shift gears again, so we played our last shows in January. It occurred to me that I should start writing songs that I could play on guitar and sing that didn't require my usual predilection toward overproduction. Keep it simple. Be smart about it. Portable. So it begins again. And then this. Time for reflection, losses, silver linings, walks, 'horse' and mostly just time. And Our Back Pag