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A friend of mine was recently in receipt of a neighbor's album collection, about a hundred twenty, mostly good condition stuff from the seventies and eighties. The neighbor was probably closer to my age than my friend, judging from the vintage and the slant of the collection. There was obvious stuff like Led Zeppelin ( III with the wheel, In Through the Out Door undisturbed by water), the Who (Sell Out and Magic Bus on Decca, and solo works like Two Sides of the Moon and the Roger-as-centaur Ride a Rock Horse ) and David Bowie (original The Man Who Sold the World and its hideous RCA reissue); and there were some less obvious ones, like Ooh-La-La by the Faces with the squeeze-in cover and Helluva Band , an Angel album I confess I didn't know existed. There was also a nice bunch of Todd Rundgren albums, most of which I owned at one point or another. Just out of habit, and since my friend was asking what was interesting and potentially valuable among the records there, I

New home for my blogging

In my attempt to get writing with any degree of regularity, it seemed like I needed a real live blog home. Hence, here I am. I'm going to try to put all my old posts up from my blog but until such time as I can figure this all out, new ones will have to suffice. Happy New Year, y'all.