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Newsflash and a note about Robin Holcomb

And the second installment has 'dropped' Radio Free Song Club My tune, "Don't Ever Leave", is referred to by me as an 'homage to Robin Holcomb'. If you're not familiar with her vast catalog of wonder, please go to her website and do some exploration. I was fortunate enough to get to record with Robin and her husband and collaborator Wayne Horvitz for her album Rockabye , having been stunned by her 1990 Elektra debut . Her latest album is John Brown's Body . I remain in complete awe of her originality and ability to convey a mood through matching lyric and music. Robin Holcomb is as original a songwriter as they come.

Radio Free Song Club

has gone live, as they say. Please listen in to a neat new project that I'm involved with, which features monthly new song contributions from the likes of: Peter Blegvad Jody Harris Victoria Williams Freedy Johnston David Schramm Freakwater (Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin) Laura Cantrell Kate Jacobs and your host Nicholas Hill Radio Free Song Club