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Then, three and a half years later...

Great googly-moo, has it really been THAT long? I guess it has. Time flies when you're having fun. I could tell you all I've done in the past three and a half years, but that would be sort of stultifying. How about if I tell you what's going on for me presently, which will likely involve some dredging through the recent past in small doses? Still married to Smart Wife. That's been the fortunate constant in my life over the past decade plus, and I am grateful every day that I have her. She's working full-time now, she's been involved with the kids' various extracurricular pursuits and she's kept the family moving forward without wondering where our next mortgage check is coming from. I am beyond lucky. The various children have gotten older. The smallest just bridged from Daisy to Brownie scout this week at a ceremony where I felt more emotional than I'd imagined I would. She is a rising second grader and is constantly singing. Perhaps the int