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Getting ready for the onslaught February 3

Hawthorne Curve Records headquarters is a-quiver in anticipation of the gargantuan demand for the new single by Peter Holsapple, to be released on selfsame label February 3.  Here we see the HCR Shipping Department, working their fingers to the bone (in lieu of getting homework done, but whatever), creatively packaging containers full of "Don't Mention The War" vinyl products.  We at HCR strive to keep up with demand, and we promise we'll get the records out in...record time.  Sales go LIVE February 3 at my Big Cartel store and at Schoolkids Records locations in the Triangle area.

Power-Pop Powerhouse Peter - Indy Week

Photo by Alex Boerner/Indy Week Peek a boo. Jim Allen did this nice interview with me for Indy Week .

"Cinderella Style" and a bonus image!

Here's the flip side of the single, if you'd care to hear it, via IndyWeek . With a bonus pair of photo of The Artist as a Seventeen-Year-Old Dork. From R. J. Reynolds 1974 annual. See me in the bottom pic? Please also note my identification in said picture. Already damaged goods...

Don't Mention The War - The Video

I'm very excited to show you this wonderful video that Dan Andrews did for "Don't Mention The War" with help from Mike Allen. It's beautiful and really moving, I think. Hope you like it, and 1,000,000 thanks to Dan and Mike for making it happen.

February 4, 2017 - Record release day!

Hi, Happy New Year, how've you been, sorry to have been so remiss yet again. Leaving Facebook one more time, so look for updates here, Twitter and Instagram until people learn to play nice again. On February 4, 2017, my new 45 rpm 7" single will be released. I've posted the cover before, but here it is again, for all to see. I'm really happy with how it all turned out, and I hope you like it too.  You will be able to order the record (as well as  Out of My Way  CDs) from Big Cartel . (Right now, if you follow the link, you won't see a way to order the single, but you can mark your calendar for 2/4 and will be able to place the order then). On February 3 and 4, I will be back in Atlanta, playing with Magnapop and Elf Power at 529 . Tickets are available now. In other news, I'm heading to 30A Songwriters Festival in FL at the end of this week.  Last year, I had a great time playing, listening and hanging out, and this year looks promisi