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The Voxmobile

Today, on Craigslist (a place I spend entirely too much time visiting), I was alerted to the continued existence of one of the coolest showcars ever, the Voxmobile. Built in 1967 by George Barris, who also came up with the Munster Coach and the Batmobile among other legendary vehicles, the Voxmobile was featured in "Where the Action Is", the Sixties rock music tv show hosted by Paul Revere and the Raiders (another Vox-endorsed band) who rode around on it, Uncle Paul at the Vox Super Continental organ mounted in the rear; I used to watch the show after school. There are enough inputs in the variously-mounted Vox Super Beatle amps throughout the car to support 32 inputs, and there are a dozen speakers, not to mention the rear-fender mounted Phantom IV Bass and Phantom VI Guitar.

I guess I'd consigned the Voxmobile to the scrapheap, or stuck in some musty garage in Omaha, rusting and decomposing from neglect. But I was wrong! The new owners are in the process of restoring it to its original glory and plan on exhibiting it at car shows in the future.

All hail the mighty Voxmobile!


Anonymous said…
Wow! That's really cool! Always nice starting the day with a dose of PH. Thanks Peter!
Donna Lethal said…
We live right near George Barris' place. Usually the Batmobile is in the window!
Andy Boller said…
WOW, thanks for re-awakening some dormant brain cells!!

" Kicks just keep gettin harder to fnd and all your kicks won't bring you your peace of mind"--- or something-- WOW---i religiously watched "Where the Action Is" now i gotta google Mark Lindsay-- curiousity and all
Jeff Hart said…
seeing that hot rod just makes me grin from ear to ear.

i saw the batmobile at a car show when i was 8 or so and was shocked to see the car had a velvet finish, to emulate a bat's furry coat. rather icky.
Unknown said…
Man! I haven't seen the Voxmobile in years. Completely forgot about it.

The last time I thought about it I figured it was broken down, sitting in someone like Greg Kihn's garage.
"Anyone know a good meKIHNic?
No wait...wait, I've got a better one...
Hey where are you all going?
Dudes, I have loads of these puns to use and no new albums to use them on! Come back!"

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