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The State of Things, The Station and an important request.

Photo by Vanessa Briscoe Hay (Pylon Reenactment Society)

Hi y'all

Here's some of our exciting news for the end of December. 

  1. The Peter Holsapple Combo will be performing on The State of Things on WUNC. Hosted by Frank Stasio, the show is an institution on radio in the Triangle. Our show will run Friday, December 21 and will also be archived if that's more convenient for your listening pleasure. As a longtime listener, I'm thrilled beyond belief to play on The State of Things. Here's a link to the show although you'll have to wait two weeks before we come on. Doesn't matter, it's a great show anyway, and you'll undoubtedly hear something that strikes your fancy no matter when you tune in.
  2. On Saturday, December 22 (that's three days before Christmas, don't you know), the Peter Holsapple Combo will be playing at The Station in Carrboro NC with our friends Arrow Beach, a band that features in its ranks former Stratocruiser Mike Nicholson and my ol' Baron Von Rumblebuss bandmate Tray Batson. They rock with abandon, we do too. We start the show at 9:00 pm, so stop wrapping presents for a couple hours and show up for a flagon of mead. Here's the Facebook event page until I can get the ticket link from The Station itself.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I need to ask a favor of my friends here. I would love it if you could cast a vote online for GAME DAY in the No Depression magazine year-end readers' poll (YERP). Here's the link. You can only vote once per email address and it must be before 11:59 pm EST Friday, December 14, but you can vote for up to ten albums. This was a banner year for excellent records, so it shouldn't be hard to come up with a few that knocked your socks off. But most importantly, since it's all about me anyway, I would so appreciate a vote from you for GAME DAY, especially if you liked the record.
More news to come, and I'll get you a ticket link for the Station show as soon as it's available. 

This was a great year, to say the least, and playing with Will Rigby and Glenn RIchard Jones in the Peter Holsapple Combo has been just amazing and fulfilling. They do good things with my songs, and I'm beyond ecstatic. 

Expect lots more from us in early 2019, some of which I'll be able to disclose in the next blog post. 

Thanks for all your support. It has meant the world to me, and it's inspired me to keep getting new music out for you to enjoy.


Dinky toy, just because.


Tom L said…
Done and done. Thanks for the terrific music!

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