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Day Two, New Week, Another Dimension

The weekend in Atlanta was incomparable. Two nights at 529 with Magnapop and Elf Power. Those are two remarkable bands; their longevity and their unfailingly high musical quality are enviable. Friends, fine food, some commerce, but mostly music and more music. Thank you to my hosts, the Owings family, who graciously opened their home and lives to me for a couple of nights.

The single's out now; I got back from Old Durham Station where I put many of y'all's singles into the US Postal Service's hands around noon yesterday. More new ones are coming in, and I'll do my level best to get orders turned around and out in a timely fashion. 

Let's's my updated list o' gigs, solo unless otherwise noted:

I've reactivated my ReverbNation page, although I'm still stumbling through construction there like a giant stumbling thing. Nevertheless, I was greeted with the news that I am ranked at #2 in the Durham Rock charts there. So go figure. You are welcome to join me there through this here and watch the transformation taking place if you have that kind of time on your hands. Show dates will be there, too.

Thanks for all the support with this little record, friends. 

(I just love that cartoon, that's the only reason it's there.)


Anna said…
Revilo gives good cartoon! And big congrats on the single hitting #2! Pummelling #2 into a stupor, I daresay! And then #2 stumbles,
falls, and there, gleaming like a gleaming thing, will be NUMBER ONE. Woohoo!
Alex Knowlton said…
I'm so sorry that I'll be missing you in NYC. I last saw you and Chris at City Winery about 4 years ago. (I just got your 7" "Don't mention the war" down in Miami Beach today, where I'll be until the end of April. THANKS!!!!)

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