Tractor Pull, Waukesha, WI

I like how the crowd is enveloped in the cloud of black smoke after the tractor is shut off. Nobody seems to mind.


dacart said…
Where in Waukesha were you? My family owns what was once the big dairy farm in the area, Wern Farms, now the Wern Valley Sportsmen's Club (shotguns and clay pigeons.)

They sometimes will have a big bash there and hire a band though I doubt they would even know you to hire you...

Also, way back in the 80's you came to my apartment a few times after gigs at the Roxy etc. through the auspices of my then girlfriend Rene (I have forgotten her last name:-|)

I was playing in Oh! Calcutta at the time FWIW.

It's been fun watching your progress over the years. Stay well

Dan Carter

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