Measure For Measure, Part Two

It's up. Hope you like it.

Measure For Measure


AJ said…
Hey Peter,

Great job! I hope you`re enjoying making them, because a lot of people are definitely enjoying reading them...

Hope all is well,

PS: Good luck with the rest of the song...!
Gil said…
Loving this, Peter. The demo of "Molly Says" blew me away, and I thought I saw my wife do a blissful little happy dance when she listened to it. And that's a dance she usually reserves only for the finest of 99% cocoa dark chocolate.
Gil said…
...she just corrected me...that would 99% *cacao*...dark chocolate.
I like it.
bridge looks like the handshake and back pat
stanza. imho. But there is symmetry for no bridge. Maybe a solo. Nice blog. Made me think. Imagine that.

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