The Well Respected Men - The Station - Friday May 6

If you happen to be in the Carrboro area this Friday night (May 6) and you'd like a big dose of Kinks songs played by people who love the music, come by The Station for the debut gig of The Well Respected Men. From the ashes of the beloved Kinksmen comes this fab new combo which features veteran Triangle musicians Glenn Jones, Jefferson Hart, Jody Maxwell, Andrew Snee and me. We're trying to touch on all phases of the klassics in our repertoire, so join us for a night celebrating Ray, Dave, Pete, Mick and all who made those beautiful resounding songs. We'll do our best to do 'em justice!


James said…
Glad to see all the updates. Really looking forward to the new songs!
Den said…
Hey, I got permission from THE BOSS (the home one) and looking forward to meeting you, Peter.
I know Jody from 15 years at Sports Endeavors, and Jeff when he was Jeff, and hey, the old days...
See ya.

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