R.E.M. Mountain Stage 25th Anniversary

(L-R, Stipe, Berry, Mills, Buck--and Holsapple, just out of the frame, of course)

It was brought to my attention by the esteemed Adam Harris that it was 25 years ago today that R.E.M. performed on Mountain Stage in Charleston, West Virginia. We played in front of a live audience for the radio broadcast, but we played a lot longer, and it got really fun. We had our friends Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock, and Clive Gregson & Christine Collister with us as well. If you weren't there, and many were not, here's a link to the show in its entirety best as I can reckon...and if you can patiently scroll through to 1:12:27, you'll hear me and the lads kicking out a healthy version of "White Train," something I'd forgotten entirely that we did. And here it is on video at about 21:05.

Set 1 

01. World Leader Pretend 
02. Radio Song 
03. Fall On Me 
04. It's the End of the World As We Know It 
05. Half a World Away 
06. Belong 
07. Love Is All Around 
08. Losing My Religion 
09. Dallas 
10. Gov. of WV declares REM day 
11. Radio Song (redo) 
12. Disturbance at the Heron House 
13. Low 

Set 2 

01. Swan Swan H 
02. White Train (Peter Holsapple, vocals) 
03. If You Go Away (Robyn Hitchcock, vocals) 
04. Bird's Head (Robyn Hitchcock, vocals) 
05. My Youngest Son (Billy Bragg & Michael Stipe, vocals) 
06. Hello in There (Billy Bragg & Michael Stipe, vocals) 
07. Dark End of the Street (Billy Bragg, vocals) 
08. Pop Song 89 
09. Get Up 


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