Postcard from Carrboro - The Well Respected Men at The Station Friday May 6

The debut gig for the Well Respected Men was a lot of fun. My bandmates Jefferson Hart, Andrew Snee, Jody Maxwell and Glenn Jones did a remarkable job with the two sets of Kinks klassiks we took on. I think we all felt a certain degree of reverence toward the material, balanced with a youthful exuberance just getting to play these incredible songs that informed our own varied musical careers. Add in varying degrees of first-night jitters, and the energy at The Station was evident onstage. The crowd (and it was actually a crowd!) were singing along and cutting loose, which certainly bodes well for future gigs. We have shows in Winston-Salem and Chapel Hill during the next two months, so come dancing with us soon! 

Larry Tucker posted this on SoundCloud, if you'd care for a taste. Also, these photos are by Laura Hart.


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