Love Is For Lovers

Don't know if it's because I'm too 'inside' "Love Is For Lovers," but I never really pegged it as a love song, per se; it always seemed sort of standoffish and judgmental, my usual M.O.

Today on Facebook, however, a couple of friends took the ball and ran with it*, and they posted The dB's' tune, dedicating it to love on a day dedicated to love.

It's one of my favorite songs, and it's always big fun to play. Happy Valentine's Day, friends and lovers.

*Note--I am not licensed to use sports metaphors.


Looking forward to tonights show at Hi-Fi Peter
Anonymous said…
I see no one left a comment on this last post, so I volunteer. I do indeed love Love is for Lovers. Your NYT article of ten years ago dissecting it was also a fun read. Learning guitar I was able to play along to this and at least ape the solo. It was fun. I made my then girlfriend listen to the first three albums over and over on the car stereo during long drives to the Adirondacks. She must have paid attention, as she quoted "Nothing is Wrong" during the breakup. Ouch.
She really knew how to push your buttons

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