First week of release reviewed

A good week, indeed. Over 50 copies of the record sold through Big Cartel, a few more sold independently. Over 1800 views of the video. Gigs booked in NY, TN and all around NC. Ranked #2 in Rock/Durham with ReverbNation. Lots of love for the songs, and I'm feeling the love.

I had not expected to enjoy the one-man operation as much as I have. Maybe I'm doing it right... Thank you all for your support! Onward!


tommys said…
keep us posted on that tour itinerary
Anonymous said…
Bought one of the 50+ and love it, and as a (sort of) 45 collector, I absolutely love the artist/song title on the sleeve spine!! Randy
JB said…
I loved the song when it came out and I love it even more all these years later. I don't mean this to be hyperbole but the lyrics are truly profound--Paul's Letter to the Corinthians profound. I didn't get it when I was 21 but now I do. I listen to this song at least once a week

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