Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Radio Free Song Club

has gone live, as they say.

Please listen in to a neat new project that I'm involved with, which features monthly new song contributions from the likes of:

Peter Blegvad
Jody Harris
Victoria Williams
Freedy Johnston
David Schramm
Freakwater (Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin)
Laura Cantrell
Kate Jacobs

and your host
Nicholas Hill

Radio Free Song Club


hoover factory said...

I've meant to listen to the RFSC podcast in its entirety, but the first song keeps stopping me in my tracks. "Oh My" is just brilliant. Writer's block never sounded so exquisite.

sEAN bENTLEY said...

Great idea, thanks for being a part of it! (So wasn't there a new dBs album in the works? Or was I dreaming?)

PL Byrd said...

"Oh My" sounds like Peter Holsapple to me.