Happy New Year, and it looks pretty promising:

a.) I enter the new year employed
b.) there's music on the horizon from The dB's, Radio Free Music Club, Luego, the Jakeleg and the kids' shows.
c.) everyone's healthy
d.) nine years sans alcohol
e.) old debts have been squared
f.) my writer's block seems to have abated

Thank you for visiting here. I'm not the most consistent correspondent, but I'm certainly the least dependable and that should count for something. May your own new years be eventful only in good ways and full of love, friendship and great music.



cicadashell said…
happy new year to you too, peter!
Anonymous said…
If it's not too personal, I would love to hear how you've been able to kick alcohol, particularly from the perspective of someone whose life's passion is primarily performed in places whose existence depends on the constant flow of alcohol, among fellow performers who would seem genetically predisposed to masking insecurities and social anxieties in said places via alcohol. I guess there's always the potential to come off as "preachy", but you are clearly a smart enough writer to walk that line well. Perhaps a future blog subject? Happy New Year to you too, sir.
Blogalot said…
Hello Peter, I've been digging your work since year 1. Great blog! Here's wishing you successes musical and otherwise in '10.
Jim S said…

Always have enjoyed your music & have enjoyed your posts since I discovered the blog last year. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
Peter, 'Santa Monica' made my annual collection of my fave songs of the year - thanks a lot :)

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