Summer vacation?

Naw, not so much. Probably the world's crummiest blogger, knowing there's no excuse like no excuse to keep from writing.

Plus I'm back on Facebook, and that's a big ol' time vampire... if you need to know my status updates....

Actually, I did have a nice summer. I put out a cool album with Chris, do you have it yet? We did some shows, played on the radio a couple times too. (There are more coming up, so if you've missed us so far, you still have more chances to miss us down the line.) Some rock gigs with Luego around town. I started my kids' shows again at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham. Finally got my father's ashes interred in the cemetery in Hudson, NY. Got to play with my little kids a lot. Some of this stuff is unfamiliar to me, having been a touring summer dad for many years.

I have good news, though. Thanks to the nice people at Arbor Ridge, I am about to launch my for real website at in about a week. It looks beautiful, is completely navigable, will be mostly staffed by myself and is bound to get spammed hard very soon after 'going live'. Don't try to go there now, it'll just take you back here again.

But now that I have your attention, watch this space for details!



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