Holiday gift giving suggestion

Know some kids who need nice shirts? Especially the little ones that you don't want to dress in faux football uniforms or princess dresses?

Be sure and check out Smart Wife's website Nice Shirt, Kid and order some of her sweet onesies and shirts. They make great presents. The children look like they have excellent taste in musical instruments. That's the fifteen-month-old, lunging toward the popular acoustic guitar long-sleeve onesie. Banjos, electric basses, Plush Amplifiers, they're all there.

(And it beats one more talking toy, doesn't it? I mean, if you step on a shirt in the kids' room in the middle of the dark night, it doesn't shout "TO INFINITY...AND BEYOND!" I was closing up the living room the other night and, so help me God, every one of the five-year-old's Madagascar 2 Happy Meals toys went off in a howling chorus of celebrity voices that just about sent me through the ceiling. I have a brother-in-law who has been known to dismantle the audio in toys he sends, for the sake of the parents. Bless his heart.)


Sean Kelly said… little cousin Connor has been showing an interest in guitars lately...I might just have to give Mom a gift idea for him. I'm sure once I tell her about the shirts, she'll be shopping on Sarah's site in no time!

Guitar Dad said…
Love these kid clothes! I may have to order a few for my little ones. I totally agree that the typical corporate and overly cacophonous toys are aggravating as all get out.

Enjoying your blog ...
Illumina said…
LOL, definitely beats those 'toys made to annoy the parents.'


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