House proud

I did a search on "holsapple" on Google blogs today, and look what I found!

That's my house, courtesy of Virtual Globetrotting. In our never-ending quest to know every jot and tittle about everybody else on Earth, this site was a no-brainer. My house is toward the end of sixty-seven pages of Homes - Celebrity - Entertainment - Musicians. That's over 1600 houses, all over the globe. Many are former residences (divorces, deaths and changing fortunes) and many are palatial, especially on the first few pages. And many belong to people you really didn't ever think much about in terms of their domiciles, in the world of 'cribs'.

My house is not a crib. It's just a house. I love my house, and I don't care who sees my back porch, honestly, especially in this high-flying bird's eye view. You can't see the tomatoes growing or the pyramid of clay pots. Some virtual map images have our old cars, long since sold or towed away. You also can't see the brush I have yet to clear or my brand-new driveway-length oil leak (now repaired).

It's a little weird, to find my house within the Celebrity - Entertainment - Musicians domain. I've always thought I've flown somewhat under conventional radar in that regard, but someone deemed me worthy of an entry, I guess, and the back of my house is now immortal in a tiny corner of the computer screen.


Hey. I can see your house from here.
Illumina said…
that is a compliment that your house has been 'celebrity tagged.' Nice pad!

Miss J (aka Syra, I'm Illumina on Blogspot here)


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