New Times blog post is up

Here's the fourth installment:

Measure for Measure: How to Write a Song and Other Mysteries (New York Times Online)

Enjoy it.


Flannery said…

just stumbled on your blog at NY Times. Brought a smile to my face.

Would you believe I'm freakin' 30 years old now?

Drop me a note sometime, partner - if your schedule allows.

All the best,
Holden Richards said…
Loved the blog entry and the song!
You can write in any medium...
I like the this final(?) version of "All Talk". There is something about that earlier version with the "upright" bass that I like. I guess it was the rawness of it. the finished version imho is better but I do like that other one for the Velvet Underground meets Morphine vibe. Good luck in the moonshine and other stuff capitol of the USA

The whole NY Times blog was very enjoyable.
A nice peak into the creative process.

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