Early Voting Day concert, November 1, 2008

For those of you in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, please be apprised of an upcoming concert this Saturday morning November 1, 2008. In honor of Early Voting Day, The dB's will be headlining an amazing show at UNC-CH's Graham Terrace, adjacent to the Morehead Planetarium. The lineup is nothing short of stellar:

Regina Hexaphone
Greg Humphreys (of Dillon Fence and Hobex)
I Was Totally Destroying It
Ivan Rosebud
Superchunk (acoustic)
Billy Bragg
The dB's (guest bassist Mitch Easter)

Music starts at 9am (don't worry, there's coffee and doughnuts available) and goes 'til it's over.

A musical reminder to get out and vote. Hope to see you there.


Doug Baker said…
Hey Peter,

Is the order as you list it pretty much the order everyone plays? I'd be coming from Greensboro and wouldn't likely get there before early afternoon.
halfpear said…
I'm taking my schedule from what David Menconi posted in the N&O a few days ago. From what I can tell, the show will go on past the end of early voting (noon). Everyone's doing pretty short sets, so far as I know.

Wish I could be more absolute, but... you know how rock and roll goes.
:-D Shea said…
I hope the weather is good for you and someone snags some video! :-D
Jeff Hart said…
most excellent! saw mitch with gravel truck last thursday at the cave. nice to see him twice in 9 days (and will rigby as he was there watching the show).
Sean Kelly said…
dB's?! Greg Humphries?! Billy Bragg?! Damn, now I really really wish I could fly out to see this!!!!
Jim said…
It was a great day of music. All in the name of Obama and hope for the future. As Billy Bragg said, if we pull this off on Tuesday, "the idea of the world's greatest democracy won't be ironic anymore."

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