Getting ready for the onslaught February 3

Hawthorne Curve Records headquarters is a-quiver in anticipation of the gargantuan demand for the new single by Peter Holsapple, to be released on selfsame label February 3. 

Here we see the HCR Shipping Department, working their fingers to the bone (in lieu of getting homework done, but whatever), creatively packaging containers full of "Don't Mention The War" vinyl products. 

We at HCR strive to keep up with demand, and we promise we'll get the records out in...record time. 

Sales go LIVE February 3 at my Big Cartel store and at Schoolkids Records locations in the Triangle area.


Anna said…
Forced child labor!

Nah, they're grinning and getting out of their homework, so my initial "outrage" has morphed to a grin on my own face.
Anonymous said…
I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you to Child Services... right after they ship the single to me. Randy

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