My nice life

I am cooking dijon pork chops, asparagus and rice for my family's dinner tonight. My son is practicing his trombone in the living room; my daughter is doing her reading assignment on the couch in the den so she won't have to worry about doing it after gymnastics. My wife is still at work at the job she loves. Tonight, I have a rehearsal with the Well Respected Men.

I love my nice life, and I just wanted to share that with you.


Anna said…
So glad for you, Peter. It sounds like a little slice of heaven to me...

And I read your comments re: getting off of Facebook a few posts down–I can't blame you in the slightest, and have thought of doing the same a number of times. It's far better to have real relationships with family and friends than constantly "live" in a digital miasma of political craziness and comments without visual/aural context...but I'm still there. For now, anyway.

Damn, those dijon pork chops sound good! :)
Jeff Hart said…
Glad to see you still have this blog going, Peter. I've gone back to read some of the earliest ones from several years and it's a nice body of work. And it is a good life!

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