Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good rockin' last night

Had a swell time at Heyday Guitars for my solo show in Winston-Salem last night. It was a comfortable room, and it was probably the best place to be if I broke a string, which I did not do.

I played both sides of the single plus other new songs. I played a few Winston-Salem-centric numbers, including my tribute to the late Sam Moss and a really old song about the Robert Porth house. The PA was a great size and got me over the low din of my twin Fender Pro Juniors enough to where I could lean back and let 'er rip on some of my vocals.

Among my audience were Troy "Corky" Mcmillan and Chuck Dale Smith who were members of Winston-Salem's legendary band Sacred Irony. That was one of the bands that inspired me to really concentrate on being a rock musician because they'd done that and sounded great, but were only a year or two older than me. So it was a real treat to play for them. Rob Slater, who was the original lead guitarist for Sneakers and who now plays with the Luxuriant Sedans, was in attendance as well; it's always a pleasure to see and speak with Rob.

I got finished and packed and hit the road for Durham late. On the way home, WNAA's disc jockey was playing nothing but Prince, so I got to groove all the way to Burlington. He played the remarkable version of "Let's Go Crazy" from the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, so I'll link that here too for your edification.

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