Monday, April 18, 2016

Getting close...and a show!

This morning, Mark, James (seen right) and I went into James' studio around the corner from my house and set to work making some changes in the last mixes of the single. James has been out on tour with the supremely talented Phil Cook who's supporting his new album, Southland Mission, and he's about to leave again for another three weeks. Mark is also busy busy busy with teaching and shows with what seems like a dozen different bands. So we were lucky to snag a day together while they were around to get everything in order.

And... it is! The mixes we've come up with have a ton of melody and harmony and passing chords and drama and space and pathos and all that good stuff you've come to expect from Peter Holsapple songs. I hope you like them, but that goes without saying, doesn't it?

We'll live with these mixes for a couple of days, tweak whatever we need to and then send them off to be mastered. Then it's cover art and pressing and we're in business!

In the meantime, I'm playing a house concert in Winston-Salem on Saturday April 23...actually, it's a guitar store concert, since it's happening at Heyday Guitars. Here's a link to the Facebook event page. Please note that tickets need to be purchased in advance of the show as none can be sold at the door. The show starts at 8, and I'll be doing two sets of tunes. Lots of new stuff, some old favorites, some covers, some stories... 'an evening with'...I draw the line at fixing your dinner. Come down to the show if you can! I'd love to play for you.

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