Thanksgiving Day

It's really coming down outside, at the end of Thanksgiving Day 2009, Durham, NC. The day was lovely, although the two-year-old and I got only as far as the porch briefly. Her brother and mother went for a bike ride while we napped.

My days off from my job are very precious to me, so having a down day with the family was completely in order.

The day started with scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes, and then the Macy's parade. We started with a parade in Philadelphia but settled for the usual fare which felt very forced and grossly commercial. I was pleased they had a heritage balloon, a replica of Artie the Pirate from 1947--I found this fun story of Artie's handlers, the Crane family.

We did not prepare a Thanksgiving feast this year. Our replacement stove, from the Durham Appliance Thrift store, came yesterday; it's great but we decided when the old one went on the fritz, we'd just have Middle Eastern or Chinese food instead. We drove to a Chinese restaurant out on Sherron Road which I'd called earlier in the afternoon, but they'd closed by the time we got there at suppertime. So we rolled back to Ninth Street and got pizza for the kids and falafel and schwarma sandwiches and ate at home. Grace was very long lists of the many things we were thankful for, and the food tasted especially good after that.


Here are a few of mine:

I'm very grateful to have my job. The people with whom I work are intelligent, interesting and diligent. Other than free coffee, those are about the most important things to have at your job.

My music has been very active of late. That feels good to acknowledge.

The family is healthy and happy, housed and schooled and loved and fed.

I am surrounded by friends, physically and electronically. I've mended some fences, and I see more to mend soon.

Sleep, which I used to consider vastly overrated, is a premium, is now a fleeting commodity that I work to find excuses to enjoy.


Now I'm hanging out with Smart Wife, watching Paul McCartney rock CitiField like he did Shea Stadium, yawning and getting ready to happily head to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, good night.


Abel Pharmboy said…
Hi Peter,
It's really great to have you in our community. I can't wait to see you play with Jon Shain next week.

David / Abel
halfpear said…
Unfortunately, the show at the Six String Cafe has been canceled since the venue has yet to open. But thanks, I'll try to get some gigging happening again soon.

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