The dB's Now (Finally) on iTunes!

Well, it happened.

You can get three dB's albums, Stands for Decibels, Repercussion and The Sound of Music plus a new collection called Best of the IRS Years on iTunes.

I realize that about 90% of the people who read this blog have owned the first three releases at some point in their lives, maybe via an old boyfriend's mixtape or an import they'd brought in to play on their college station shift.

On the off chance your cassette deck sounds wobbly or you need a new needle, and you just have to hear "Change With the Changing Times" or "Bonneville" for the first time in over twenty years, this new digital transfer service is just the thing for you!

Or, if you're just tuning in... happy landings!


Moose said…
No need to post this... unless you want to! But I did blog the CD releases on the Comboland Radio blog on Myspace with links to the downloads at Amazon. Hope it helps.

Donna Lethal said…
How grown up of you (or how corporate) of you ... in any case, I hope you get some more royalty checks. Every little bit helps!
Blair said…
That's great. I stumbled into a treasure trove of dB's vinyl last week at Manifest Discs in Charlotte I am the proud new owner of Stand for Decibels (white vinyl), Repercussion, The Sound of Music, and Like This.

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