Tennessee Road Trip, pt. I

Please forgive the bulk of postings here as I catch up. I'm only a couple days in, and I promise I will be more punctual about posting.

Without further ado, Part I:

I started out this morning (Friday, the 13th) for Nashville, first stop on a week-and-a-half trip through Tennessee's larger cities.

Tonight I'm playing at the Bluebird Cafe with Bill Lloyd, Kim Richey and Tim Krekel in a songwriters-in-the-round deal, the kind Robbie Fulks decimated in his song "Fuck This Town". I'm so new at it, comparatively, and such a stranger to Nashville that it doesn't bother me to get to hang with some friends and play some tunes for a night. Last time I did it at the Bluebird, it was Bill, Tim, Marshall Chapman, Darius and me. Al-Jazeera was filming, too. Tonight should be lower-keyed.

I'll need to see if I can pull my van/bedroom into someone's driveway for the night. Because it's an hour later here, I suspect I'll wake up at my usual time, as if I was being called from the kids' room. I can make my drive to Knoxville for my Time Warp Tea Room gig semi-early and find a state park to camp in for the night on Sunday. I assume they let guys with van/bedrooms camp, that you don't have to be pulling a 25-foot camper with hookups. All I need is a nearby bathroom and maybe an electrical outlet somewhere nearby. I just want to read and write and play guitar for a while before I head to Nashville again for a breakfast date on Monday.


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