Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NY Times blog part three is up

I know, I know. You haven't heard from me lately, and I'm sorry. The future's looming large, and distractions have been keeping me away from DTBMMLF.

Meanwhile, the Times songwriting blog is up so you can go read that for the moment.

I'll be back soon, I promise. Thank you for your patience.


rechercher said...

Yours is the *only* segment of that Times column that I can stand, because you actually go into the mechanics rather than dwelling on the "inspiration." I take a pretty dim view of artists spilling their secrets in public because there is little enough mystery left in this world as it is. (And have posted about this so follow the link if you're interested.)

rechercher said...

The link to which I referred above:

Sorry about that!

man with a bass 4 kids and a wife said...

I like the tune. I like the sparse version with the "upright bass". It's like Morphine meets Link Wray, Tom Waits and John Lurie or something. The bridge is a good part of the tune. It's kind of wanting to go to an 8th note kind of rock feel when it asking for sort of a more open kind of thing. ?? Anyway, it's a cool tune. Send me the session if you want and I'll put some upright bass on it. I have protools. It sucks but it's great.

Pat R. said...
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