Stop the presses!

Sometime shortly after this weekend, I will begin blogging for the New York Times' online songwriting blog, Measure for Measure. You will be able to take a trip inside my mind, if that's not too scary a proposition, as I try to write a new song.

The Times started this series a few months ago, and it's become very popular. I began reading it about a month ago, drawn in by some excellent posts by Rosanne Cash (big surprise that she's such a superb prose writer, too, huh? She gave one of the finest keynote addresses ever at South By Southwest in 1991, after being introduced by the late Texas Governor Ann Richards--what an incredible way to start that weekend.)

The Times has been a part of my life since I was a kid, reading the Sunday Arts & Leisure section, sprawled on the floor of the den, perusing Bottom Line calendars and the full-page ad for the Woodstock Music and Art Festival and wishing I lived in Manhattan. In journalism school at the University of North Carolina, I learned that there were newspapers and there was the Times, an entirely different beast altogether; the Times was all about thoroughness, detail, color, composition and style.

And even though I don't get to sit at a desk there, pencil tucked over my ear, proofreading or deleting like a modern-day Hildy Johnson, I'm thrilled to be a tiny part of the greatest newspaper ever, at least the online version.

Please check in from time to time there, leave comments if you like or hate what you read. I'll still be here, too.


Durham Bull Pen said…
Wow! Very cool, Peter. Can't wait to read your blogging at Measure for Measure. Always good stuff. Always.


Jake said…
That's really awesome Peter! Way to go!
Cynthia said…
Congrats---looking forward to reading it....
Peter. this is great for an old H-Bomb like yourself. congratulations.
That's pretty cool but hey, your good.
I remember being in some English class with you at Reynolds. I don't know why I was in there.
Jeff Hart said…
the phrase "measure for measure" made me think of your "love is for lovers" lyric, at least what i think i hear there. in any case, nice tie-in. and congratulations!

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