Measure for Measure is up

Please go visit:

I'm so excited I can barely contain my joy at seeing this happen. My editor George Kalogerakis is a longtime friend who deserves much credit for making me sound more like myself. Thanks George.


Texas Prairie Chicken said…
Hi Peter,

Great piece in the Times. Jay Bennett is always writing in front of the soundless TV too.

Feel free to drop a line sometime.

Edward Burch
Way to go Peter. Your writing skills are just great. I loved it. Fishing for a tune. Oh yeah
Tony Plutonium said…
Nicely done! I had just been trying to get one of the guys that works for me out in KC to check out some dB's and the link to the NYT (with the "Black and White" link) was perfect timing. He was raving about it when I knocked off for the day - a new fan!
Barrett said…
I was recently explaining to someone how I got to know your music (my first exposure was via the "last" [until recently, of course] and great dB's album "The Sound of Music"), when I was asked "So...what's PH up to these days?" Well, I'd last seen you and CD live at Wetlands "opening" for Hootie some years back (well, it was a CD gig with a "special guest"). What a great surprise to see you writing for Measure For Measure! Looking forward to more, of course.

- Barrett
SUS said…
You're the talk of Austin! My husband excitedly talked about your article last night and Rob Patterson mentioned his love for the article on Facebook.
Gardner said…
Great article, Peter. I love it when the writing not only describes the process but begins to act it out. I get the thoughts and the experience all in one. Well done--and more, please!

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