May Day

Sorry to be away so long, did you miss me?

Time for a little shameless self-promotion again.

For those of you who remember 1978, a little 45 that I recorded and released that year has been anthologized with a massive amount of weird, wonderful stuff on a CD from Ace Records called Rock On. Rock On is the name of a famous record store in London, a collectors' store by which collectors' stores are judged. Somehow, "Big Black Truck" ended up on this compilation, and its heavy-handed slapback echo seems to fit right in alongside such ringers as "Cast Iron Arm" by Peanuts Wilson (a fave of Mitch's and mine from the MCA Rockabillies series), "Linda Lu" by Ray Sharpe and "Slipping and Sliding Sometimes" by Link Davis (Cajun fiddle and bongo drums). If your tastes run toward the darker corners of rockabilly and r 'n' b, then you'll want to own this fine collection as soon as you can convert pounds sterling to yankee dollars.

And for my book-buying friends, there's a new anthology of pieces by musicians and writers from the Carolinas called Making Notes. Sure enough, I'm among the fifty contributors. It's exciting to have my writing considered good enough to make it into a book of this quality. Making Notes will be available to the general buying public Wednesday May 14, and there's a party at the Visulite Theatre in Charlotte to mark its release (which I unfortunately won't be able to attend--however, I will be at the one in Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, Thursday June 5 at 7:00pm, guitar and Sharpie in tow).

And there may be some more good news in the pipeline, but I will wait until it's a fact and not an apparition.


Pat R. said…
Is this the first cd appearance of BBT? I remember buying my 45 copy at Venus Records in Greenwich Village many years ago. Who designed the cover sleeve? Was there ever plans to release an H-Bombs record back then (other than Fred Mill's infamous H-Bombs 10" disc?)?
halfpear said…
No, Shake to Date, the Albion compilation, was issued on a Line CD years ago. It's on there. I was just thinking about the cover yesterday; I did it, using stuff I found around my office (labelmakers, Yellow Pages, magic markers). And there was never an H-Bombs 'record' per se. Mitch and I recorded a lot, but the band was a live experience only.
Pat R. said…
I always loved Fred's article about the "Great Lost H-Bombs" ep with the reverse grooves and all. He told me for years people would swear they had seen a copy somewhere,

Also-what led you to issue the BBT record? Thanks for the Line cd reminder--it seemed like all of the Line cd's sounded terrible (very thin and trebly).
Jake said…
Yes, you were missed! Trying to reach you. Give a call when you can. :-)

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