A gig on Saturday night with Sea Cow

I have been prompted by my friend Jeff Hart to give the correct information, so this post has been corrected.

I have been invited by my friends in the band Sea Cow to open their show at the Broad Street Cafe on Saturday, April 12. They have also asked me to play with the band, so I'll be their guest for a lot of the set.

If you haven't heard Sea Cow, you should. Their new CD The Vast Uncharted is a perfect introduction to a cool new band. They have a playful compositional streak a mile wide--fine, fun lyrics and twisted passing chords, all the sort of stuff I love to hear. Thus you may enjoy them too, so come down and listen as I get to add notes and tones, hitherto unimagined/unimaginable in the Sea Cow canon, but hopefully to the band and the audience's liking.

I'll start pretty much straight up seven o'clock, and the band will follow.

This show is a benefit for fifth grade students at Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet Elementary School who are raising money for an overnight excursion to Camp Don Lee.


Jeff Hart said…
peter, just checking. is this gig friday (as it says in the blog) or , *saturday* april 12? just making sure. if it's friday, i'm there. if it's saturday, i am at the durham bulls game and not sure if we'll get back in time. in either case, give my best to andrew snee. he was a neighbor of mine a decade or more ago in raleigh.

btw, you're welcome to sit in with us anytime as well. we're there a week from friday, ie april 18 with jeffrey dean foster (he's 9pm).

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