Great Rock and Roll Conundra

The mysteries that plague me constantly:

1. Whatever became of the little girl in the Art of Noise video for "Close to the Edit"? We all have seen what the Nirvana naked pool baby has turned into, but I often wonder about the little punkette and her sausage dog... also, a question I've been asked: where are the angels from the "Angels" video Chris and I did with Phil Morrison?

2. Who is Dick Powell? No, not the movie actor. I mean the guy who played the great fiddle on a lot of the early Rod Stewart solo albums. He's the guy sawing out sweet, neat melodies atop the Wood/Quittenton/Waller backings of songs like "You Wear It Well", "Cut Across Shorty" and "Reason to Believe" (well, for that matter, where's Micky Waller, too?) Even no less a potential authority as Ian McLagan was unable to tell me anything except that "Rod found him playing at a restaurant in Beauchamp Place, Kensington." He recorded a little with swing guitarist Diz Disley, but other than that, he's the big mystery guy of rock for me.

3. Why won't Bob Seger allow the Bob Seger System albums to be rereleased? For all intents and purposes, the world assumes Bob's career starts with Beautiful Loser and mellows out from there (with the possible exception of Live Bullet). A couple Last Heard tracks showed up on the Cameo-Parkway Story box set several years ago; that's great, but if you try to download the Seger tracks from iTunes, they are nonexistent. The world is being kept from hearing some powerful gritty Detroit rock and roll, fully deserving of its station right up there with the MC5, the Amboy Dukes and the Stooges. If you think Bob's all about "Night Moves", this'll be as disquieting as seeing Andy Griffith in A Face in the Crowd!

4. Who killed Bobby Fuller?

5. How much of a difference would piano lessons have made in my career?

I'm sure there are more, but these are some for you to consider. If you have any answers for me, I'm grateful.


Liz said…
Waitasecond! A video with Phil Morrison?!? I didn't know about this.

Oh, if you know where I could see that I would be most happy.
Deaconlight said…
5. How much of a difference would piano lessons have made in my career?

I can type faster than I can talk and I'm sure it's because of my 12 years of piano instruction. So how many words-per-minute do you type, Peter?
Peter Holsapple said…
Liz: yes, Phil directed the video for "Angels" off Mavericks for Chris and me. Here's a link:

And DD, I type really fast, faster than I can think (which anyone who reads this can tell). I think the last time it was measured, it was in the 85-90 wpm range. A career to fall back on when music doesn't work!
Jeff Hart said…
Bobby Fuller's puzzling death always read like something from a David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino film. I shudder to think what it would look like if one of them, especially the latter, were to direct such a film. I saw some unsolved mystery program on it a couple of years ago. The guy could really deliver a guitar pop tune.

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