The $100 Guitar Wall, fifth in a series

This is a Yamaha FG-75 small bodied acoustic guitar.

We had one in Arabi that I'd bought disassembled on eBay for a pittance. It was a matter of some pegs, strings and tuners, and the little guitar was itself again. Good writing guitar with a lot of fight.

And long before that, in 1980 or so, I owned my first FG-75. I used it on the early tour I did with REM for my set, with a soundhole pickup through an amp. As time went by, I covered the guitar in black duct tape. The electric setup left little room for any sort of acoustics, and the tape finished that off.

I can't remember what happened to my first little guitar like this, but I'm glad we have one on the wall now.


fix said…
this guitar looks very similar to my FG-110 Yamaha.

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