I'm now the proud owner of an Epiphone Les Paul Junior.

Very exciting, and it's another one pickup guitar. I think I can do pretty much everything I'm trying to do with one pickup, like my little Squier Bullet. (Mine has a real Gibson humbucking pickup in it, courtesy of Mark Bryan. Mark's got a new album coming out shortly so please go to his site and give it a listen.)

The Epiphone, too, will have a real Gibson P-90, thanks to Bob Northcott, my Little Diesel bandmate and lifelong friend. Here's a link to Bob's current band in Atlanta, Loose Change.

I firmly believe that Epiphone has the right idea about Juniors still being affordable good quality guitars for a semi-reasonable price, which was what the Gibson Juniors were all about to begin with. I don't mean to disparage Gibson because I know the high level of quality of the work they do in all their guitars; I merely point out that the Epiphones can be had at half the price, give or take, and they're six strings, a single-coil pickup and a couple of knobs on a plank of wood. They do approximately the same thing as their more pricey counterparts and might make a doubtful parent wince slightly less when Junior asks for a Junior.

That said, I bought this one on eBay. I saw the picture, remembered the finish and had to have it. And now I do, and you'll see it this summer somewhere probably.


Jeff Hart said…
Sweet Epi. I am sold on them as well. This Epiphone Les Paul Standard (I added the Bigsby and Peace Strap to go along with the Neil Young vibe of the Neil cover band) was less than $400 new if I recall.


I also got a Gold Top Epi Les Paul a little later that summer. I'm totally satisfied with 'em both.
Yep! I bought an Indonesian-made Epi Junior last year from MF for $99, and after putting another hundred bucks worth of tuners, bridge and pickup in it, couldn't be happier!

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